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Unwanted fat can be reduced with a type of Liposcution which leaves almost no scars. Your surgeon Dr. Alexander T. Hamers uses gentle water-jet assisted liposuction, an innovative technique using thin cannulas with an intermittent water-jet loosening the fat and washing it out of the body. This makes it possible to remove large amounts of fat atraumatically. Compared with conventional liposuction, the sculpting of tissue is more precise and there is less trauma, pain as well as a shorter recovery time.

The technique is perfect on nearly all parts of the body, for instance the belly, gynecomastia, flanks, waist, etc. To achieve the best possible result Dr. Hamers combines this technique if necessary with a radiofrequency device called “BodyTite®” to achieve better skin retraction.

More importantly, water-jet assisted liposuction does not damage fat cells as much as conventional liposuction and produces, therefore, top quality fat for fat grafting procedures. If desired, alongside the liposuction surgery, the extracted fat can simultaneously be used to improve other areas of the body. Having special clinical interest in natural body contouring, Dr. Hamers can reuse his patients own extracted fat. The extracted fat can shape or augment various parts of the body where it might be needed (for instance, the pectoralis muscle and buttocks, but also the face or scars).

Duration of the surgery:

approximately 1-3 hours depending on the areas being treated


depending on the surgery, local anaesthetic and sedation or general anaesthetic, outpatient or inpatient for 1 night


No sports, lifting and heavy workout for 6 weeks, compression garments.

Normally fit for flying after 1 weeks

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