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Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation with silicone gel implants is the standard technique for breast augmentation. Nowadays the surgery is performed mainly for women who already have perfectly shaped breasts but desire an augmentation or in women without any fat deposits. Usually, the silicone implant is placed sub-muscularly, under the pectoral muscle, with a small scar on the lower side of the areola or in the under-breast fold.

B-Lite breast implants

B-Lite breast-implants represent the latest development in this kind of surgery. The density and weight of the silicone gel has been much reduced due to microspheres, comparable to air bubbles fixed into the silicone gel. The implants are produced by a German factory with long experience in breast implants. Contributing to the outer shell of the implants, Microspheres have been used in medicine for a long time, for instance in urology, orthopaedics and dentistry. B-Lite breast-implants are approximately 30 % lighter than more traditional types. A standard 300cc implant weighs about 300g, as opposed to the same size B-Lite implant which is only about 220g. They bring huge benefits especially for patients with laxity of the breast, cases of implant exchange or those seeking big volume implants. Apart from the weight and microspheres inside the implants, there is no difference from traditional implants so far as durability or surgery procedures are concerned. B-Lite implants are used for breast augmentation, implant exchange or breast lifts (mastopexy).

Duration of the surgery:

approximately 45-90 minutes


general anaesthetic, inpatient for 1 night


No sports, lifting and heavy workout for 6 weeks, compression bra and garments

Normally fit for flying after 1 week

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