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Protruding ears, sometimes called ‘dumbo ears’, can be stressful to the patient. But treatment consists of just a small intervention that can easily be performed under local anaesthetic, also with sedation if requested. Through a small incision on the back of the ear, the cartilage is shaped to the desired form and fixed with unnoticeable sutures until accepted by the body. Once the ear has settled into its new position, the result is permanent.

In the case of children and other patients, if explicitly requested the treatment can be performed under general anaesthetic.

This is one of the very few aesthetic surgeries performed for children.




Duration of the surgery:

approximately 30-45 minutes


local anaesthetic, with sedation if requested, outpatient visit


none except wearing a headband 24/7 for one week, then during the nights for 4 weeks. No sports, no swimming for 4 weeks

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