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Therapy for Vaginal Dryness


Having sexual intercourse can be painful if lubrication of the vagina is not sufficient. From the menopause onwards many women suffer from vaginal dryness. A therapy with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) may be the solution. A small amount of blood is drawn (as in a lab test) and prepared; the body’s own growing factors are purified and injected into the vaginal mucosa. The natural collagen production becomes enhanced and the body once again produces more lubricant.

This is the procedure:

After applying a local anaesthetic cream and leaving it to work for about 45-60 minutes, the purified blood is injected with a tiny needle into the vaginal mucosa. Due to the local anaesthetic, this is completely painless. You can proceed with your normal activities but abstain from sexual intercourse for about 24 hours.

Normally the treatment plan consists in a boost of three sessions about one month apart and then two to three refreshment treatments a year.

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